Break-Up Proof Your Relationship and Create A Happy, Fulfilled Connection That Lasts A Lifetime

Hearts In Harmony

Here’s the roadmap you need to create a strong relationship that will weather all of life’s challenges and be the source of celebration and delight each day.

There are three little words that can often spell the beginning of the end for a relationship:

“I’m not happy.”

Whether you secretly utter these words to yourself or hear them confessed by your partner, it feels scary, because it can be the first indication that something has gone wrong in your love.

When your relationship was new and you were crazy about each other, you imagined it would all be so easy and that you would spend your days blissfully content and excited about the future.

Now it’s all changed. Life has gotten in the way of your good intentions.

There are money worries, career issues, family problems, and you and your partner bicker about how to handle them. You are constantly criticizing him in your mind, and sometimes out loud. Your relationship is tumultuous and dramatic.

Or maybe your relationship is anything BUT dramatic, instead, you’re bored, uninspired, or feel that you’ve outgrown your partner. The predictable routine is sucking the life right out of you. The romance is dead, and you can’t stand the thought that the rest of your life might feel this BLAH.

You find yourself yearning for a different life, and sometimes, fantasizing that you had a different partner.

The unhappiness is a splinter on your mind that keeps wedging itself deeper and deeper, and it fills you with a profound sadness. You can’t imagine throwing away all the time (perhaps years) you’ve invested in this love and starting over, despite the way you feel now.

You don’t want to be unhappy, but you don’t want to break up, either.

You think back to all the hopes and dreams you had for your relationship and you wish you could feel that sense of possibility and connection with your partner again.

You want a love that will last, that will renew itself year after year, and be a deep well of joy and peace in your life.

If only you knew where it all went wrong, and how to get back the good feelings.

Why Did It All Go Wrong? The Misconception Couples Have About Love

Couples start out wildly in love and think it’s enough to get them through anything.

They believe the romance and thrill of their initial time will last forever, even when life throws them curveballs.

Then there come the day-to-day “energy drains” that eat away at our happiness and harmony – like endless chores, disagreements, fussy children, broken appliances, lack of sleep, in-law meddling, stressful jobs and other daily grinds.

Fast forward a few years, and they are in our offices, complaining that they’re miserable, desperate for a solution and on the verge of a divorce.

If this has gone on too long, there can be very little love and affection left between them.

They are at their “relationship breaking point” and it all could have been avoided if they’d come to us sooner – before things went off the rails.

If only they would have recognized those inklings of “I’m not happy” as the signal that they need to take action immediately – instead of waiting for things to magically get better on their own.

Or waiting for the other person to change, step up, or see the light.

The problem is that most couples come to us believing that their relationship will last based on the merits of love alone.

What we tell couples is that on its own, lasting love is impossible.

The strength of your love, without the proper care and skills to help it grow and adapt, cannot weather all that life throws at it.

We aren’t born able to excel at everything we want to be good at, just like we aren’t born knowing how to create – and keep – a great relationship.

That would be like knowing how to raise a child, or learn a new language, or drive a car, or run a marathon… without ever receiving any training, practice or guidance about how to do it.

So it’s no wonder we start out with high hopes for love, only to be hugely disappointed later when we realize our relationship is not what we expected, or anything like we imagined.

But the good news is, just like you could learn how to drive a car or speak French, you can also learn the critical skills that make your relationship virtually breakup-proof.

And when you do, you can create a relationship that is happier and more fulfilling than you ever dreamed possible. And happiness becomes a given.

Good Relationship Skills Are Easy – But They Are Not Obvious

Here’s the funny thing about all the best, happiest couples we know: their love is easy.

It doesn’t mean they never get mad at each other or have fights… but day in and day out, they feel a positive flow of love and energy that rejuvenates and inspires them.

They’ve learned the critical keys to lasting love, and it’s as natural to them as breathing.

We realized that the secret to a great relationship isn’t hard at all – once you know what it is.

Some of these couples were the lucky ones: people born into families with great relationship role models that gave them a template they could apply to their own love lives.

But most of them weren’t so lucky. Most of them had to decide to become great at relationships, and commit to learning what it takes to do it.

We were one of those couples.

Both of us were just barely out of failed relationships when we met. Our last marriage left us each feeling unsatisfied and yearning for a different kind of relationship.

Neither of us had good relationship role models growing up. Gay was raised by his single mom who worked all the time, and Katie’s parents bickered and complained endlessly.

When we met and fell in love, we wanted to create something different. And then we devoted the next 30+ years to figuring it out.

We got Ph.Ds, wrote books, studied and met with the great relationship and psychological thinkers of the world.

We made our relationship a living laboratory – testing and tweaking and analyzing all of our behavior, feelings, thoughts and dynamics.

And we realized that the secret to a great relationship isn’t hard at all – once you know what it is. That like those happy couples we were once so jealous of – the flow between us became easy, constantly positive, and ever-expanding.

Our relationship grew deeper and happier over time. All the challenges that life threw at us only made us closer.

We had cracked the code.

Here’s The Secret To Lasting Love…

Once we cracked the code, we made it our personal mission to teach it to everyone else.

Hearts In Harmony

It may have taken us decades to perfect, but you don’t have to!

In fact, we simplified the most critical secrets and skills to lasting love down to a system of three core keys. Once you integrate them into your relationship, you’ll create an unshakeable foundation for happiness, connection and continually expanding love.

Lasting Love Made Easy is that system. It’s the “Relationship Manual” you need to ensure your relationship stays strong and positive, and in fact deepens over time.

Whether you are at your relationship breaking point or want to make sure you get it right this time around, this program gives you the roadmap to a new kind of relationship: one filled with joy, positive energy, emotional transparency, and the deepest levels of intimacy.

You’ll be a team – ready to handle anything that life throws at you.

But, even better, life will be easier because you will enjoy it more – together. You will laugh, play and appreciate all the beautiful gifts you give to the relationship, and to each other.

In this groundbreaking program, you’ll learn:

  • The common reason why people become dissatisfied in relationship (if you’re complaining about your partner, you’ll want to pay attention)
  • The two keys to speaking so that your partner really hears you (this would have saved Gay 15 years of angst!)
  • Why arguing over money is never fixed by having more money (we’ve seen millionaires in our office fighting over the cost of toilet paper, so there’s something else at play…)
  • The 3 commitments you need to make as a single person if you want to find lasting love
  • A simple technique for bringing immediate relief to conflict – you’ll quickly shift to a feeling of ease and flow
  • How to shift from “blame talk” to “lasting love talk” – we’ve seen miracles happen when couples try this, and we’ll model it for you
  • A surprising underlying reason couples argue about sex – and what to do about it
  • How to stop feeling like a victim once and for all… and take back control of your relationship and your life
  • A whole-body learning technique for getting past painful memories – you’ll feel anger, fear, and sadness melt away
  • How to handle feelings of attraction for someone other than your partner (part of it involves actually telling them about it!)
  • The real root of commitment fears (women are just as likely to experience this one as men)
  • The 4 tenets we’ve based our relationship on for over 30 years (and how you can live by the same rules for flow and harmony)
  • The number one complaint people have after a failed relationship – and how to prevent it from happening with your partner
  • How to encourage your partner to appreciate you more – in the ways that feel best to you
  • The only thing more important than commitment that makes lasting love made easy possible
  • You’ll learn how to identify and quickly dispel the two biggest blockers of love... before they cause any damage.

We’ll mentor you over 7 hour-long video sessions, walking you step-by-step through the body language, facial expressions, and attitudes that can either MAGNIFY the flow of love between you... or shut it down before it gets started.

We’ll demonstrate what works and what doesn’t, and use body intelligence and movement to easily imprint the change into your body and soul. (Because transformation doesn’t happen in your brain. You need to engage your whole body if you want the change to be permanent.)

And we’ll help you apply these learnings to all areas of your relationship, including the ones that cause the most trouble: Sex and Money. (When you have a great flow of love between you, both of these areas can be great sources of joy and connection... even if you’ve been married for decades!)

Try Out Lasting Love Made Easy – Risk-Free

If you were one of our clients, the tools and training in this program would cost you thousands of dollars. We know this isn’t realistic for most couples, and that’s why we created a program that gives all the benefits of our in-person trainings (even watching us live!), but costs much less.

For 3 low payments of $66, you’ll learn all you need to easily create love that lasts… and you can start seeing changes immediately.

This program has over 7 hours of video trainings, and is the only program we’ve ever created that has us both on camera, demonstrating the skills of lasting love. Plus, you’ll receive our Relationship Harmonizer: a special soundtrack designed to help singles and couples create deep mental, emotional, and spiritual rapport and connection. The videos will teach you the skills you need, and the harmonizer will help make them permanent in your mind and body.

Because we know the powerful impact this program will have on your life, we don’t want you to have any reason not to try it. If you aren’t completely satisfied once you try out this program, you can return it hassle-free within the first 7 days. We’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

Start Watching Now – Risk-FREE for 7 Days

Lasting Love Made Easy
  • Make your relationship “Break-Up Proof”
  • 30+ years of learning, simplified into one easy system that gets instant results
  • Full body transformation – to make what you learn permanent
  • Live demonstrations of what works… and what pushes love away

7+ hours of powerful video: tools, techniques and exercises

Your Complete Relationship Fulfillment Is Our Personal Mission

There are no skills better worth learning than those that create a loving, lasting, ever-deepening relationship.

It’s why we devoted our lives (both personal and professional) to developing these skills, and teaching what we’ve learned to others.

Your relationship can be the engine that fuels your life – a constant source of happiness, connection, support and joy.

Or it can be one that slowly drains away.

Which do you choose?

Try Lasting Love Made Easy, and get the roadmap you need to make sure your relationship can withstand the test of time, and handle everything life throws at it.

With Love,

Katie & Gay Hendricks

Katie & Gay Hendricks