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By Katie & Gay Hendricks

Imagine if you saw an ad like this:

“Feel like a million bucks, look years younger and fall madly in love – instantly!”

Would you believe it? Would you be even a little bit curious about it?

I’m guessing that even if you dismissed such a promise, you’d be intrigued. Who doesn’t want to experience all those wonderful things?

But you’d also rightly be skeptical about it, because your internal truth-o-meter is telling you that there’s something a little phoney going on here. “Instantly” is a very big promise.

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You might also wonder if it’s even possible to feel so good. After all, if you’re honest with yourself, you haven’t been feeling anywhere near that great.

Your body is sluggish, you want to crawl into bed after lunch, you can hardly concentrate at work, you find yourself re-reading the same paragraph in a book more than once and your relationships feel flat.

You Want To Feel Good, Fast

We live in an instantaneous culture. We’re used to fast. Instead of getting in a car and going to the store, you can buy it with one click. Don’t want to cook? Pop something in the microwave. Need to deposit a check? There’s an app for that.

What is yet to be invented is a shortcut to feeling good – for life. You can rev up your energy with a cup of coffee – until you crash. You can have a drink to forget your sorrows – until you need another one. You can go shopping to lift your spirits – until you feel down again.

Feeling good is one item you can’t instantly fix. And it should be the most important thing on your to do list. Because if you don’t have a foundation of feeling good, it impacts absolutely every area of your life.

Not feeling good slows you way down.

When your body is stiff and achy, you’re less likely to get stuff done. When your brain is fuzzy, you won’t get stuff done right. And when your relationships are not in a good place, your mood suffers.

Here’s the really good news: it is truly possible to feel completely energized in every area of your life. There’s only one catch: it’s only possible if you practice feeling good every single day.

The Only Path To Permanent Change

As we alluded to at the beginning of this article – and you already know yourself – “instant” change is a fantasy.

That’s why crash diets don’t work and there’s no miracle patch that will help you be more productive. It’s also why you can’t change your relationship overnight.

For lasting change to happen, you need sustained effort.

And this is where most people get stuck. They hear “effort” and think back to practicing piano scales when they were a kid. Or having to be on a treadmill for hours. Or counting all your calories.

This is not the kind of effort we’re talking about. Because if you’re not enjoying the practice, you’re going to sabotage your results. You won’t stick to the plan. You’ll end up hating it.

Our Stick-To-It Plan For Feeling Your Absolute Best

Woman taking a deep breath on the seashore

If you want to feel good for life, you need a plan that you’ll feel good DOING for life. This plan needs to be something you actually look forward to and don’t just forget about. It needs to be as simple as brushing your teeth and as enjoyable as taking a nice hot shower. Moreover, you need to see clear results in your life quickly.

In Achieving Vibrance, you’ll learn a simple, 7-minute vibrance routine that powerfully targets your three vibrance areas: your body, your mind, and your relationships.

In just 7 minutes, you’ll loosen up your body and put a spring in your step. You’ll clear the cobwebs from your mind and actually look forward to getting things done. And you’ll feel more connected to the important people in your life.

Built into the routine is that you will stick to it, because doing the routine actually feels good. You’ll look forward to doing it, everyday. That’s why you’ll keep doing it, and that’s why it works.

Gay writes:

I know, because once I got into the routine, my life changed completely. I lost the weight I’d been hanging on to for years. My career reached new heights. My wife and I were excited about each other again. And I looked forward to each day with intense joy.

And I’m not just talking from personal experience. I personally tested out the vibrance routine on 300 volunteers, and they too experienced miraculous transformations. They’d feel a steady stream of energy all day long, and a sense of peaceful calm by the end of the day. Overall, they felt like they had finally found something that really made a difference – and they felt so good they wanted to keep on doing it.

Now it’s your turn:

Turn Your Whole Life Around In 7 Minutes

There’s no reason for you to feel anything but your very best. And it’s totally possible – if you just stick to it.

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  • One word that stops a fight in its tracks
  • How we accidentally push love away, even when we are trying to get closer
  • Why your relationships keep failing… and problems keep repeating
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