Reverse Decades Of Pain And Misunderstanding And Improve Your Relationships In Ten Seconds Or Less

Learn “The 10-Second Miracle” – a powerful, proven technique that will end pretense, silent treatments, and tension, and restore the flow of good feelings almost instantly.

What you’re about to read could change the way you approach all of your relationships – including the one with yourself – forever.

I say this with complete confidence because after I first discovered this and began to apply it in my own life as well as in my work with individuals and couples, I found it to be the single most powerful technique for restoring intimacy and the flow of good feelings in any relationship.

The most remarkable thing about this technique was that it doesn’t require years of psychoanalysis, grueling behavior modification, or hours of talk therapy.

On the contrary, this powerful technique can melt away years – even decades – of bad feelings and tension… and it only takes about ten seconds or less.

Bitterness is transformed into geniality. Resentment into understanding. And longing into contentment.

I’ve seen couples that were on the brink of breaking up start to understand each other and feel close again – for the first time in months, or even years.

And it all happens in less time than it takes to take two deep breaths.

We’ve Been Doing All The Wrong Things To Solve Our Relationship Problems… And It’s Been Making Them Worse

You may wonder how it’s possible to make such sweeping changes in such a short period of time. If it is so easy and quick, why are relationship problems still so persistent and pervasive?

Why do we still experience distance with our loved ones, engage in endless bickering, and suffer loss of passion and affection?

couple having a bad start to their day

The answer lies in the way we’ve been approaching the solution all along.

Problems in relationships persist because we’ve been doing all the wrong things to get close to our loved ones and feel good about ourselves. And these wrong approaches have been keeping us stuck in longing and conflict for most of our lives.

From the time we first learn to walk and talk, we are encouraged to avoid conflict and get along with others by doing exactly the very thing that creates big problems in our relationships.

“Say something nice or say nothing at all,” our parents, teachers and mentors advised.

As we got older, society taught us to “go with the flow” when in a situation we don’t like or agree with, because it was better than being a troublemaker or instigator.

We got the message that we ought to “get over it” when we’re feeling down or angry because it’s not good to make others uncomfortable.

These subliminal messages extend to our love relationships, too.

We believe that it’s the things we say or admit that get us in trouble.

We, therefore, bite our tongue when our partner says something that hurts.

We pretend that everything is OK, because we don’t want to ruin the mood. We keep secrets to ourselves to avoid hurting others’ feelings.

We hope that whatever negative feelings we’re experiencing will just go away, eventually.

We tell ourselves that whatever issues are upsetting us are probably “no big deal” and really, if we’re smart, we would just get over it.

We distract ourselves from irritation, sadness and anxiety with shopping, sex and food. We literally stuff our feelings deep down into our body until we gradually feel nothing at all. We turn on the TV, get absorbed in Facebook, and open a pint of ice cream. We think having sex will solve whatever relationship distance we’ve been feeling lately.

All the while, our health and relationships suffer from all the pretense because we never get to the root of the problem. We just mask the symptoms by digging in and doing more of what doesn’t work: pretense, denial and avoidance.

And this is the result: We feel a sense of longing to feel close to our loved ones, but we don’t know how to get there. We experience that something is “off” about our relationship, but we can’t name what that is. We avoid telling the truth about what’s really bothering us for fear of upsetting the other person. We argue about the same problems, think we have them solved, but they keep recurring.

Eventually we lose interest, fall out of love or harbor deep-seated resentment.

Even when we think we have managed to avoid negativity and conflict, our bodies don’t buy it. We start having headaches, back aches, we get sick more often and we fall into a depression for what seems like no good reason. The repressed emotions are still there, creating even more problems for us.

Pretense, being “nice”, and avoiding the truth are all strategies that have created problems in our relationships, rather than solving them.

Our problems in relationships are largely caused by postponing saying things that need to be said, or not allowing ourselves to feel the emotions we need to feel.

There’s only one way to maintain intimacy and closeness in a relationship, and it all starts with a crucial ten-second window of time.

Relationships Flourish Or Wither In Ten-Second Windows Of Communication

The world has sped up a lot in recent decades. We may feel that we don’t have a minute to think about things, so when things happen, we have to react instantly.

The first Ten-Second window following any pivotal interaction with another person is critical. Fear is felt in 1/10th of a second, but can wreak havoc the rest of the day, based on how we respond.

Our relationships can either flourish or wither, depending on what we say or how we choose to show up in those crucial moments.

When someone we care about shares a truth with us, the words we choose to respond with can either shut down intimacy, or open up deeper connection.

If we choose the wrong words, based on fear and pretense, we may set ourselves up for years of misunderstanding and bad feelings.

If we choose the right words, based on the authentic way we’re feeling, we create a space where we can breathe easy and feel connected, even if those words are difficult for us to say.

Your relationship hinges on how you handle these important moments, ten seconds at a time.

You may even say that your happiness in life depends on it.

An Accidental Discovery Leads To A Revolutionary Technique

Early in my career as a psychotherapist, I made a discovery. I noticed that there came a moment – a small window of opportunity – when certain things occurred in client interactions that resulted in an immediate shift toward harmony and resolution of long-standing tensions.

Intrigued by this serendipitous discovery, I decided to do more research. I studied videotapes of my sessions, made observations in my own life and even carried out further observations in the corporate world where I would often do consultations. What I saw applied across boundaries of gender, sexual orientation, race and culture.

Through this process, I confirmed the remarkable discovery that shifted my whole perspective:

The moments when relationships change for the better occur in ten-second windows when specific moves are made. The moves are based on specific laws of relationship that became obvious as the videotapes revealed their secrets.

I began to teach this technique and these specific moves to individuals, couples and even in corporate settings.

Time and time again, without fail, I saw great transformations take place. Relationships regained connection, colleagues began working together again and experienced a surge of creativity, families and individuals let go of bad feelings and opened up to authenticity.

That’s when I knew that I needed to share what I learned and help as many people as possible reach their full potential in life and love.

Introducing “The 10-Second Miracle”: A Program That Will Teach You The Single Most Powerful Tool For Creating The Flow Of Good Feeling In All Your Relationships

My experiment was so successful that I collected everything I learned and wrote a book entitled, The 10-Second Miracle.

In it, I reveal in detail the secret behind what I call the “5 Miracle Moves” – inner shifts and ways of communicating that have the power to radically change people’s lives and relationships.

These 5 Miracle Moves solve two problems all of us face nearly every day:
1. How to feel a flow of good feeling inside ourselves, and how to open up the flow when it’s been blocked
2. How to feel the flow of love and good feeling between us and other people we care about, and how to release the flow when it’s been blocked

Within ten seconds of each of these specific “moves,” positive shifts reliably happen. Moods brighten, tensions melt, impasses dissolve, faces soften and shoulders drop. Couples make friendly eye contact and begin to touch each other again. Old resentments and misunderstandings dissolve and heart healing begins.

And these dramatic, positive results occur in ten seconds or less!

These Miracle Moves are not difficult to learn or master. Once you know what they are, you can begin using them immediately (by yourself or with a loved one) to feel better.

More than 30 years after I first discovered these ten-second Miracles, and after working with many thousands of people, I have a deep and unshakable confidence in the power of the techniques to reliably produce relationship breakthroughs.

You’ll relish the sweet freedom of being authentically yourself. You’ll appreciate having an easy, quick tool to break through silent treatments, tension and worry and experience flow again.

No longer will you need to feel stifled and at the breaking point with anyone in your life.

With The 10-Second Miracle, you’ll have the single most important technique to maintain closeness and honesty with your loved one, and with yourself.

This life-changing program contains:
  • A 150-page eBook version of The 10-Second Miracle you can start reading immediately that explains in detail the 5 Miracle Moves, how to do them, what to expect and dozens of detailed examples from client interactions that will help you understand how these can apply in real-life situations.
  • An audio version of the eBook, which you can download and listen to in your car, at home or out walking with your MP3 player or smartphone.
  • A 20-minute video I recently produced in order to demonstrate how the techniques work with individuals and couples. You’ll see me instructing two volunteers on the use of several types of ten second miracles to resolve both personal and relationship issues. In real time, you can see each person I work with go from feeling tight, queasy or tense to feeling more light-hearted and open to creativity.

In this transformative program you’ll learn:

  • Ten Second breakthroughs for the 7 biggest relationship mistakes.
  • How to break through tension and distance in a relationship and create an opening for conversation and closeness, even when you can’t pinpoint what’s wrong.
  • happy couple embracing Missed your window of opportunity to bring up an important topic with your partner? A Miracle Move that will help you avoid suffering in silence for the next decade.
  • The real reason some people have trouble making and keeping commitments, and how to tune into your body to know if you’re ready for an important commitment.
  • The 3 secrets to getting a commitment and how to respond when you sense resistance in your partner.
  • The one problem that makes us sick, tired and hungry for love and how to eliminate this problem easily and quickly.
  • An unconscious intention you may be making that ruins lives, destroys relationships and even starts wars! How to recognize this insidious intention and reverse it in order to welcome more love and joy into your life.
  • The 2 rules that will make difficult conversations easier and help you avoid the common mistakes most people make when under pressure.
  • The three main body sensations that tell you you’re harboring fear, sadness or anger, and how knowing how to identify these sensations or “signals” can help you create more ease and flow in your life.
  • Experiencing frequent headaches or back aches? It could be the side effect of feelings of unfairness or anger. How to identify these feelings and release tension in ten seconds or less.
  • What to do and say when your partner responds in a defensive manner (“Lighten up!” or “Can’t you accept things as they are?”) to a truth you just admitted.
  • “One-Breath Communications” – simple, to-the-point interaction that can put you in more harmony with your partner and increase intimacy in a matter of seconds.
  • What to do when you’re keeping a secret from your partner, especially if the truth will upset them.
  • An innovative listening technique that goes beyond just summarizing what you’ve heard and gets to the heart of what your partner is trying to communicate.
  • Feeling victimized and powerless? The ten second move to take control of your life and stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  • “The 10-Second Miracle Opening” – How to connect authentically with someone you just met in order to create magical relationships in which you get what you need and vice-versa.
  • The 2 questions you must ask yourself if you don’t know whether to stay or leave a relationship, and what to look for in your body to know if the answer is right for you.
  • Why saying, “I’m sorry” never produces any long-term positive results, and the healthier approach that does.

This Program Includes:

Creating Relationship Miracles

Part One: Creating Relationship Miracles

  • Heart-to-Heart Talk: The truth about how to get what you need in relationships
  • The First Miracle: The 10-Second inner shift that opens up new possibilities
  • The Second Miracle: The 10-Second communication that opens the flow of connection
  • The Third Miracle: The 10-Second power shift that creates equality and integrity
Ten-Second Breakthroughs For The Seven Biggest Relationship Mistakes

Part Two: Ten-Second Breakthroughs For The Seven Biggest Relationship Mistakes

  • Spotting the specific windows of opportunities when miracles are easiest to create
  • Why you might be starting off relationships on the wrong foot (even though you’re eager to connect)
  • Why you feel distance and tension in your relationships the more you try to make things better
  • How to stop being afraid of speaking your truth and start feeling freedom in communicating what you really feel
  • How to stop wasting precious time in the wrong relationships – and what to do when you can’t decide whether to leave
Breakthrough Solutions For Problems of Long-Term Relationships

Part Three: Breakthrough Solutions For Problems of Long-Term Relationships

  • The Fourth Miracle: How to create a future that’s very different from your past – even if you’re still experiencing pain from previous relationships
  • The Fifth Miracle: How to keep passion alive in your committed relationship

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Change Your Life In Just 10 Seconds – Try It Risk-Free for 7 Days

In this transformative program you’ll receive:
  • Over 200 Pages of Advice And Exercises
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“The 10-Second Miracle” Is Within Your Reach

You have the power to completely transform any relationship, including the one you have with yourself, all by learning the 5 Miracle Moves that each take ten seconds or less. With the power of these 5 Miracle Moves, you’ll release tension, stop fights, feel more love and affection, be understood, and free your mental energy to experience more creativity in all areas of life.

I’m so confident that The 10-Second Miracle will help you that I’m making sure you have absolutely no reason not to try this life-changing product. That’s why I’m offering it to you completely RISK-FREE. Download the program now, read or listen and watch the video lessons over the next week, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return them all for a full refund… no questions asked.

Change The Course Of Your Relationships And The Course Of Your Life By Choosing To Open Up To Intimacy Through The 10-Second Miracle

We shape the course of our lives by moments in which we open up to intimacy or shrink away from it. We create our destiny by how we deal with the grip of longing. When you feel an easy flow of good feeling returning to your body or a relationship – it is a wonderful moment. When you break free of the grip of longing and ease into the flow of love, it is the best feeling in the world.

I want you to know how to produce this miracle in your life. That’s why I wrote The 10-Second Miracle.

I know you’ll find the techniques to be transformative in all your relationships, including your own personal well-being. And they’re not complicated or difficult to master. They are effortless, in fact, they are so natural that it requires effort to resist doing them.

If you can learn that you have the power to re-create love in your life reliably, you hold the key to your own happiness and to the future of human evolution.

In this spirit, I thank you for your commitment to creating a world of better relationships and for having the courage to explore, question and invent yourself anew. I wish you every blessing on your continuing journey of miracles.

With love,

Signed by Gay Hendricks

Change Your Life In Just 10 Seconds – Try It Risk-Free for 7 Days

In this transformative program you’ll receive:
  • Over 200 Pages of Advice And Exercises
  • Exclusive Audio – read by me
  • Live Demonstrations: Watch the miracles happen in real time with real clients!
Download Now – only $29.97