The Powerful Habits That Keep You, Your Body, And Your Relationships Young – For Life

Here’s A Simple Yet Powerful Daily Program For Making Every Part of Your Life Come Alive

How do you feel every day?
  • Are you filled with vibrant energy, aliveness, and a zest for life?
    …Or does it feel like you’re often just “going through the motions” – as if you’re physicallypresent but mentally somewhere else?
  • Are you achieving your goals and connected with loved ones?
    …Or do you often feel like life is getting away from you – that you’re running out of time to have the kind of career and relationships you truly desire?
  • Do you greet each day with enthusiasm and a deep sense of gratitude?
    …Or do you wake up tired even after a full night’s sleep? Do you think through your to-do list and feel overwhelmed, drained, and bored with the routine of it all?
  • Do you feel sprightly in your body and in tune with your mind?
    …Or do you often feel sluggish and stiff? Is there some chronic pain you can’t shake off? Do you often feel like you’re in a mental fog?
If you’re not starting every single morning raring to go and excited about the day ahead, reading this page can be your biggest wake-up call.

Because ignoring how you’re feeling can cost you your life.

This may sound dire, but a lack of energy and vibrance is a huge sign that you’re not truly living.

You’re sleepwalking, and there’s no turning back the clock.

If you’re feeling like this now and you don’t do anything about it, things are only going to get worse – and there may come a point when it’s too late to make the changes you need.

You’re wasting time, and you’re wasting away.

If that sounds extreme and like scaremongering, it’s not.

Your low energy creates a negative domino effect that, if left unattended, will weaken every aspect of your life that makes life worth living:

When you have low energy, your mind is not as sharp as it can be. You don’t get things done – and you don’t do them as well.

When you’re less productive, your career and your finances suffer.

You’re more harried at home because you can’t get on top of things.

Everything feels overwhelming. Your self-esteem plummets. You don’t feel good about yourself, and then your relationships suffer. You snap at our partner, you’re short with your children, and you’re just not enjoying pleasures like you used to.

Meanwhile, time is ticking away. And you aren’t getting any younger.

You’re alive, but you’re not full of life.

The Wrong Ways We Try To Feel More Alive

Your general fatigue and malaise is one issue, but what you’re probably doing to fix it is only going to create other problems.

When we feel low in energy, we often don’t know why. We just know that we don’t feel so good, and we want to make it better – fast.

We go on another diet. We jump into the latest exercise craze. We buy a ton of supplements.

We try to treat the symptom rather than the cause. We look for ways to feel energized and alive again without stopping to consider WHY we feel bad to begin with.

These misguided and often “quick fixes” actually jeopardize the very vibrance we seek!

When an alcoholic reaches for a drink, he or she is yearning for vibrance. They want to FEEL alive. They’re just going about it the wrong way.

Let’s look at some other misguided ways we try to try to achieve a state of vibrance:

  • Caffeine:“That wired up feeling makes me feel like I can tackle this project”
  • Sugar:“When I’m lost in my chocolate lava cake, I feel my senses come alive”
  • Dieting:“Maybe if I just lose weight I’ll feel like my old self again”
  • Shopping:“Finding the perfect dress will make me feel great at this party”
  • Busyness:“If I never have a moment’s rest, I don’t have to think about how lonely I feel”
  • Control:“If I can make my husband see things my way, I’ll finally be happy”
  • Affairs:“I want to feel excited again instead of taking responsibility for my relationship”

Of course, all these maneuvers work… for a little while.

Like any addiction, the high soon wears off, and you’re back to needing another hit. You’re dependent on something OUTSIDE of you to feel good.

If that thing isn’t available at the moment, you’re stuck. You’ll forever be on a rollercoaster of emotions, and this in itself takes up a lot of energy. It takes energy to constantly be searching for outside ways to feel good.

Then there are the other costs: caffeine jitters, overeating and guilt, diet deprivation, shopper’s remorse, anxiety, and relationship pain.

Until you learn how to cultivate certain “vibrance” habits within yourself that you can do anywhere, anytime, you’ll always be a slave to something you can’t control. And you’ll never feel fully alive.

What If You Could Feel Really Good, Every Day?

Imagine if you read an ad for a new pill that does all this:
  • Makes you feel full of energy and boosts your mood
  • Provides clarity of mind and sharpens your concentration
  • Reduces tension, stress, anxiety, and pain
  • Helps you rediscover the zest and wonder of your youth
And even more, this "magic pill" also:
  • Promotes better sleep so you can wake up refreshed
  • Allows you to cultivate your authentic self and your life’s true purpose
  • Generates a positive flow of energy in all your relationships
  • Unleashes your creativity (even if you’ve never considered yourself “creative”)
  • Creates joy and harmony in every area of your life
  • (Bonus!) Causes you to look younger than you have in years

To top it off, this pill is GUARANTEED to work. There are absolutely no catches. And there are no risks – no disclaimer about runny bowels or warnings of blood clots or dizziness.

How much would you pay for this pill?

It’s hard to put a monetary price on it, isn’t it?

Let me tell you about the price you’ll pay for not taking it: Getting to the end of your life and wishing you could have done things differently.

Sadly, this is the price that too many people pay. They wait too long to make changes, or they don’t make changes at all.

They watch their bodies get weaker, their minds deteriorate, and their relationships lose their luster. Their wake-up call comes much too late.

I Was One Of The Fortunate Who Woke Up Early

At fifty, I was stuck in a rut. I felt rusty, fat, and bored with my life, my work, and my marriage. I knew I didn’t want to keep going on that way, and that I had to do something different.

That yearning for change sent me on a quest to discover how I could keep my body, my mind, and my relationships pulsating with vibrance. I wanted to feel steady and calm all day long, and I knew I wasn’t the only one who longed for this kind of transformation.

With that in mind, I knew I had to come up with a plan that would be dead simple and efficient – something that could be done in a small amount of time and that would have a big effect on body energy throughout the day. If it could be done by even the busiest person and would produce real results, I knew people would keep doing it.

Another requirement: I wanted this program to be based on proven results. So I worked with over 300 volunteers and came up with a holistic combo of breathing work, targeted movement, relationship tuning, and mental stimulation.

I boiled down these four components to their critical essence so that you could move through all the steps in just 7 minutes. Then I tested the program at our live seminars on hundreds of people of all ages.

The feedback was extraordinary:

If they did the 7-minute program in the morning, they would have steady energy all day long.

If they did it at night, it would have the effect of resetting their “thermostat” – decreasing the stress of the day so they could go on to have a calm evening.

Once I committed myself to the program, miracles unfolded before me – and daily. I lost 50 pounds. I fell back in love with my wife and my life. My blood pressure returned to normal, my back pain disappeared, and my career took off.

In the 20 years since, I’ve taught the Achieving Vibrance Special Bundle program to thousands of people.

I consider this program as essential as taking a shower or brushing my teeth in the morning. The program works, it works reliably, and it works right away. The program is also self-enforcing: because you’ll feel so good within a few days, you’ll naturally be motivated to continue your practice.

I am living proof that you CAN turn back the clock – and even stop it.

It all starts with this question: Do you feel energized in every area of your life?

If the answer is anything less than a resounding, “yes!” I invite you to change that right now.

My Proven Program For Experiencing The High That Never Wears Off

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “vibrant” like this: Having or showing great life, activity, and energy.

Your being longs to feel vibrant.

You can say that something is pulsing (vibrating) with energy. The state of vibrance is one in which you feel so full of life and energy, you are literally vibrating with it: your body is active, your mind is agile, and your relationship with the world is afire.

When you’re out of alignment with this desire – when you’re NOT feeling vibrant – it doesn’t feel good. True to the definition, you will feel a decrease in livelihood, activity, and energy.

But your desire for vibrance is always there, and it is strong.

In my Achieving Vibrance Special Bundle, I’ll teach you the simple yet powerful practices that will “turn on” the vibrance switch in your body, your mind, and your relationships – for life.

The tools you’re about to learn are not some quick-fix solution, fad diet, or hardcore training plan. You’re going to learn how to start feeling younger today and every day, for as long as you continue the program.

The Vibrance program works because it’s holistic – incorporating mind, body, and heart. You’ll feel good on every level.

You’ll get:

  • A 150+ page eBook detailing my journey to lifelong vibrance and the proven practices that will keep you feeling, looking, and being younger, including over two dozen activities and illustrations to make things as easy as possible for you
  • Two daily vibrance programs: The 7-minute foundation program along with an advanced program for those days you have a little more time and want to feel extra good
  • Audio version: Read by me and available only with this offer – and the simplest way for even the busiest person to learn the program

You’ll learn:

  • The 4 key factors that eat away at your vibrance, zap your energy, and keep you from living life to its fullest
  • The 5 critical mindset shifts that will transform the experience of ageing into a journey of vital expansion
  • An elegantly simple way to move your spine that turns on a feeling of flowing vital energy within two minutes
  • A powerful breathing technique that quickly puts you in a calm, steady, and energetic state (chronic fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia are often the result of poor breathing)
  • How to release regrets and resentments very efficiently – you can feel the immediate result in your body
  • The Art of Relationship-Flow: The three key relationship skills of vibrant people (most people learn these skills the hard way – through struggle and pain)
  • The specific “Vibrance Foods” that up your energy, plus how to locate your “V Spot” – your built-in body signal that tells you when to stop eating
  • When you eat is as important as what you eat – I’ll teach you a system for planning your meals that will awaken the vibrance in your body within one day
  • How to make a firm commitment to your personal transformation – and stick to it (if you’ve started many self improvement projects and given up, you’ll want to pay close attention)
  • The key question you should ask yourself every day to live a life of vibrance
  • The two words that automatically stop the flow of positive energy (remove these from your vocabulary and watch your life transform)
  • Neuro-gymnastics that keep the brain young – to jolt the brain out of habitual thinking and into creative, inspiring territory
  • The quickest and totally foolproof way to find out if you are clinging unnecessarily to a limiting belief that doesn’t serve you
  • Achieve true presence so you can enjoy every moment of your life and connect more deeply with those you care about

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Lasting Love Every Day 1-Month Free Coaching

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You can try the first month completely free. After that, you’ll be billed only $29.97 per month. That’s less than 1 dollar a day!

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Our Risk-Free Promise

Try My Achieving Vibrance Special Bundle – Risk-Free for 7 Days

Energize Every Area Of Your Life
  • Over 150 pages of advice
  • Two daily vibrance programs
  • Detailed activities and illustrations
  • Exclusive audio – read by me

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A Routine For Every Age And Every Stage Of Life

Why a daily “program?”

Because without a daily disciplined approach, you’re just not going to feel as good.

Often, you might not even realize why you're losing energy. You may think you need to exercise more or eat less, but perhaps you’re overlooking a critical component. You might be losing vibrance because you’re not in harmony with your body or because you’re not breathing in the most effective way. And if you’re not paying the right attention to your relationship, your whole life can go stale.

Without knowing the real cause of your low energy, you might misdirect your efforts and miss giving attention to a key area that will turn everything around for you.

That’s why the Achieving Vibrance Special Bundle program is carefully designed to address all four “energetic” areas of your life. If you pay daily attention to each of the four areas, you’ll experience a dramatic increase in vibrance combined with a sense of well-being and purpose.

Ignore ANY of the four areas, and you’ll start feeling energy seep away.

It’s really as simple as that, which is why I created the Achieving Vibrance Special Bundle program as a handy, all-in-one routine. If you do 7 minutes of the program or even elements of it, you'll feel a clear difference in your energy and ability to get things done.

That’s only 7 minutes of your time for an entire day of feeling good. With no special equipment to buy (which will end up in your basement anyway). You can even do the whole program lying down if you want to.

But my guess is that you’ll feel so full of life, you’ll be itching to get up and get going.

With love,

Signed by Gay Hendricks

Try My Achieving Vibrance Special Bundle – Risk-Free for 7 Days

Energize Every Area Of Your Life
  • Over 150 pages of advice
  • Two daily vibrance programs
  • Detailed activities and illustrations
  • Exclusive audio – read by me

Regular Price: $39.97

BUY NOW – only $29.97

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Try My Achieving Vibrance Special Bundle – Risk-Free for 7 Days

Energize Every Area Of Your Life
  • Over 150 pages of advice
  • Two daily vibrance programs
  • Detailed activities and illustrations
  • Exclusive audio – read by me

Regular Price: $39.97

BUY NOW – only $29.97