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Transform Your Loneliness, Pain and Heartbreak into Genuine Love

  • One word that stops a fight in its tracks
  • How we accidentally push love away, even when we are trying to get closer
  • Why your relationships keep failing… and problems keep repeating
  • Two signs that you are secretly afraid of love

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Who Are Katie & Gay?

We’re Here To Help You Create a Relationship Overflowing With Joy And Vitality

For over 30 years, we’ve loved, lived, and learned together. We’re also our own best customers. Since the early days of our marriage, we’ve continuously looked for ways to increase the flow of love and good feeling in our relationship, and our mission is to teach what we’ve learned to you.

We’ve road-tested everything we’re about to share with you (in the bedroom, over breakfast, and in the boardroom), and we sincerely believe that if we can do it – if we can enhance the flow of joyful, connected love in our relationship – you can do it, too.

We’ve written over 30 books, trained thousands of coaches, appeared on Oprah, and hosted seminars around the globe. We’ve broken through the common issues that zap vitality from intimate relationships – and explored the boundless creativity, intimacy, and ease on the other side.

Together, we set ourselves the task of creating a living laboratory where we would identify relationship problems, rectify them, and in our free newsletters we have the pleasure of passing our learning on to you.