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Have you ever known an exceptionally happy couple?

If you believe the divorce statistics, exceptionally happy couples are rare, but they all have one thing in common – they know how to keep their relationship strong and their love alive because they choose each other every single day.

Truly happy couples know how to talk to each other in a way that creates safety and generates respect and affection, not criticism and blame.

Happy couples aren’t derailed by life’s major challenges or everyday annoyances. They use these challenges as opportunities to learn something new about each other, which allows them to get even closer and more connected.

They are allies when it comes to finances, and work together in creating more wealth and success, as opposed to wasting a lot of emotional energy trying to prove who’s right and wrong when it comes to saving and spending.

Happy couples are playful with each other, because they aren’t weighed down by resentment and unacknowledged feelings. They know that being alive and being in love is reason enough for celebration, every day, no matter what else is happening around them.

Happy couples bring out the best in each other and continue to grow in self-awareness and wisdom the longer they’re together. They’re an inspiration to those around them.

Their relationship feels easy, because they have the right skills and they are committed to making their relationship work.

For most of us, however, relationships aren’t intuitively easy.

Keeping a relationship vibrant can seem more like work than fun.

It takes conscious actions, and most of the time, you don’t even know what to do to make things better.

Which becomes a dilemma when you realize that your love isn’t what it once was.

The electric spark of passion rarely ignites. Sex is infrequent or becomes rote.

The truly connected, snuggly moments are fewer and further between.

Maybe you’ve developed some habits that are actually creating distance between you and your partner…

You waste too much time on social media and not enough time focusing on each other. You bicker about the same (often silly) things. You are sarcastic and naggy because you’re “too tired” to take a breath and figure out a better way to communicate.

And those dreams you used to have together? They’ve faded over the years, too.

It’s sad. Your partner seems more like a roommate than a soulmate.

Despite it all, you know what you want your relationship to be. You want it to be resilient and you want it to be a source of joy for many years to come. You just don’t know how to get it there.

You made a commitment to each other once.

And you still want the same things now you wanted for your relationship then: Love, respect, fidelity, fortitude and fun.

You’re ready to recommit to your relationship again, and do what it takes to keep it thriving. But how do you do that? And where do you start?

Good question. And we have the answer.

Love Doesn’t Fade Because of a Lack of Desire, It Fades Because of a Lack of Commitment

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of couples looking to improve their relationship. People travel from all over the world to dedicate a weekend or longer at our workshops. They invest time and money to learn the key principles that will bring them close. When they commit to change, they begin to enjoy the benefits right away, and often end the workshop or course on a very positive note.

But after a month or so, they began to forget some of the things they learned. They get busy with their careers, families and hobbies and before they know it, they start having some of the same problems they had before in their relationship. Blame, boredom, and criticism. Lack of passion. Too much bickering.

Even though they felt energized and motivated while learning new relationship skills, they told us it wasn’t easy to stay on track day after day.

The problem we see is that most couples think they can have a strong relationship and keep the flow of positive feelings going year after year based on love alone.

What we tell couples is that love is a good starting point, but you need the right skills to keep a relationship resilient and strong.

Most of us don’t have the right skills because we simply haven’t ever been taught what those skills are, or we haven’t been given the right kind of support and guidance.

Time and time again, we heard from individuals and couples that they wanted a way to recommit to their relationship. They loved each other and considered their relationship one of the most important things in their life.

They wanted a way to inoculate themselves with the good vibes they felt whenever they put attention on their relationship and each other. They knew that in order to keep growing and improving as a couple, they needed to keep returning to their relationship, but they weren’t sure how.

So Katie and I asked ourselves, how can we coach couples to set an intention for more love and keep the flow of positive energy going every day?

We sat down together, brainstormed and came up with what we thought was the perfect solution!

Introducing: Lasting Love Every Day

A Daily Mentoring Video Program That Can Help You Recommit To More Love, Better Communication and Positive Feelings in About 5 Minutes a Day!

Based on what we saw our clients wanted and needed, we created a series of daily mentoring videos – mini lessons that couples could easily “digest” and put into practice every day. These daily videos are a way for couples to create positive, daily habits for nurturing their relationship.

We compiled the most important and most popular lessons from our workshops and courses and created the curriculum for the series, which is called Lasting Love Every Day.

Lasting Love Every Day is a fun and easy way to maintain the flow of good feelings in your relationship, no matter what life throws at you – the kids get sick, your employer downsizes, the car won’t start. All these things can distract you and throw your relationship off balance.

These 3 to 5 minute lessons, made available to you online early every morning, are a way to keep your relationship stronger and more connected.

We know it’s not easy to stay on track and keep your relationship exciting, resilient, and positive.

Tension and stress can get in the way of staying connected and loving with your partner, especially when your relationship becomes the biggest stressor in your life.

This is precisely where Lasting Love Every Day can help. Through daily bits of relationship wisdom and demonstrations by Katie and me, you’ll acquire the skills and tools that will help you recommit to growing intimacy and better communication.

You’ll learn how to talk to each other from the heart, and with ease.

You’ll learn to recognize the unexpressed emotions that may be creating strife and distance, and choose a way to be more open and connected with your partner.

You’ll discover games and light-hearted techniques that will help you stop bickering and spark more passion instead.

You’ll also get many demonstrations on how to use your whole body wisdom to experience more love, more connection and more joy with yourself and with your partner.

In Our Daily Program, You’ll Learn To:

Communicate Better and Connect More

Communicate Better and Connect More

  • A radical strategy for what to do when you feel you aren’t being heard by your partner
  • How using just this ONE TOOL, you can improve your relationship radically
  • What you’re doing to unconsciously sabotage the good feelings you could be having in your relationship
  • How to use your body to let your partner know you’re really listening (and care)
  • Ways to bring more play and lightness into your relationship
  • How to bring up difficult topics and stop tiptoeing around your partner
End Fighting and Conflict

End Fighting and Conflict

  • The 4 reasons why you snap at your partner and how to stop it instantly using a non-conventional, and playful technique
  • How to stop recurring fights and arguments dead in their tracks
  • A way to guarantee you won’t say something you’ll regret later when you’re fighting
  • How to use life’s unpleasant surprises (car breaks down or the pipes start leaking) as an opportunity to feel closer to your partner
  • A quick way to stop nagging and get more cooperation from your partner
  • A diplomatic and effective way to handle people who “dump” on you, ask for advice, or offer unsolicited and unwelcome “suggestions” for your life.
Ignite Passion and Have Better Sex

Ignite Passion and Have Better Sex

  • How using a special form of communication can solve even long-term sexual issues, like an inability to orgasm
  • A special technique your partner can use before breakfast to get you “in the mood” later in the evening
  • What to do when you have different sex drives
  • How to handle issues around turn ons and turn offs and sexual incompatibility
  • How to forgive after a betrayal
Solve Money Problems

Solve Money Problems

  • Why money problems are NEVER about money (and what they’re really about!)
  • The surprising reason you’re with a partner that drives you crazy with their money habits (and how to make them your ally)
  • The fastest way to increase your money supply
  • What your childhood has to do with your money arguments today
Improve Self-Awareness

Improve Self-Awareness

  • How to get over past hurts and trauma once and for all
  • Using body awareness to know your true feelings about something
  • The biggest personal issue that gets in the way of relationship happiness
  • The Rule of 3: How to bust repeating, negative patterns in your life
  • Why you may feel your partner is too self-absorbed or too needy and how to reconcile these problems using a whole-body, fun game

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll mentor and coach you in a daily video delivered right to your inbox.
  • You can watch on your smartphone, computer or tablet (alone or with your partner.)
  • These videos contain 3-5 minute lessons, exercises, and nuggets of wisdom that will inspire and motivate you to make your relationship a priority every day.
  • After 6 months of daily coaching, you’ll have the foundation and the habits down, so we’ll go even deeper: you’ll get 90 min in-depth workshops, delivered twice a month, with exercises and practices for you to solidify your transformation into long-lasting love and harmony.

We’ll role play a certain concept, so you can see how it might work in an actual situation you may encounter with your partner. We’ll ask you to think about something important throughout your day, to get your creative juices flowing and to spark an insightful conversation between you and your partner.

Fighting? Feeling distant? Angry? You’ll get tools to stop the bad feelings and actually get you laughing together! (Yes, it’s absolutely possible, even if you have a habit of saying the wrong thing during an argument!)

Plus, you’ll get to know us better because you’ll see us speaking to you every day. You’ll feel supported in making better choices for your relationship, but most of all, you’ll have FUN watching us demonstrate the kind of relaxed, playful, and loving relationship that we enjoy together and know is possible for YOU, too.

Try Out Lasting Love Every Day – Free For 30 Days

We know we can’t possibly, privately coach all the couples who would like our guidance and help in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Not only would that be physically impossible, but it would be financially out of reach for most people.

That’s why we created Lasting Love Every Day. For under $1 a day, you can get the equivalent of a daily mentoring session from us, using the tools and techniques that we feel are the MOST important and effective in bringing more harmony and resilience to your relationship.

The complete program is 1 year long, but you can subscribe for as many months as you’d like and cancel anytime. You get a new video every day in the first phase, then you receive the Playground Workshops, that are more in-dept (90 min long) and tackle the BIG issues and relationship patterns.

The Playground workshops were recorded live, with both of us and a live audience. We had limited space during the live sessions, so we kept the audience small. Now, we’re making these recordings available exclusively as part of the Lasting Love Every Day subscription, and you’ll start receiving them as part of your program, after 6 months.

We designed the live workshops with one thing in mind: We wanted to tackle the BIG issues and create a space of healing and growth. Wow, did we achieve that!! So many A-Has and breakthroughs that would have never been possible in a short 5-10 minute format. The big issues take time… and if you’re willing to invest that time, we guarantee your patterns will change, your mind and your heart will grow and transform.

You can try out the first month’s for free. If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first month, simply let us know and we will cancel the subscription – no questions asked.

Our Risk-Free Promise

Watch Lasting Love Every Day – FREE for 30 Days

Dramatically Change The State Of Your Love In About 4 Minutes A Day!

6 months of Daily Mentoring Videos & 6 months of 90-min Playground Workshops

1st Month FREE, then $29.97 per month
Create Lasting Love Each Day

“Working” on Your Relationship Doesn’t Have to Feel Like Work or Be Scary. In Fact, It Can Be Friendly and Fun!

There’s a story that comes to mind when I think of the idea of recommitting to love.

When my daughter was six, she was taking horseback riding lessons. One day, she fell off the horse. She wasn’t hurt, so the trainer scooped her up and put her right back on the saddle. A few minutes later, she was riding and laughing again, having fun. Falling off isn’t fun, but it’s part of the process of learning to ride a horse proficiently.

The point here is that life is full of things that throw you off the horse, or get in the way of a loving, connected relationship. Arguments, illness, money problems, or job stress. You’ll be going along, content with your partner and enjoying your relationship and out of the blue something will happen and before you know it, you’re distant from each other and worried about the future.

You need a reason to get back “on the horse” and re-commit every single day in order to have a successful and happy partnership, long-term.

And it doesn’t have to feel like work, and it certainly doesn’t need to be scary!

So many people have told us that having a friendly, non-judgmental, non-critical place to go when they need help reconnecting makes all the difference. That place is Lasting Love Every Day.

Relationship counseling can often feel intimidating and overwhelming. On the other hand, blame and criticism is so pervasive when couples try to “work things out” alone. There’s an assumption that no matter what, you have to work hard in order to make progress toward a more loving and connected relationship.

It’s simply not true!

Lasting Love Every Day is not “hard work” because it’s not about blaming anyone or making anyone wrong. It’s about making small, conscious choices every day that make a big difference in the way you feel in your relationship.

Research has shown that physiologically, it only takes 3 minutes a day of mindfulness practice to change your neurological state.

If you give your relationship 3-5 minutes a day of mindful intention, it can dramatically change the state of your love over time, too.

Before you know it, you’ll realize that you’re experiencing more ease and joy when you’re with your partner. There’s an electric energy between you that hasn’t been there in months or even years.

Lasting Love Every Day is the place we’ve created where you and your partner can come home that feels safe, playful and transformative.

We hope you’ll find it to be the perfect place to recommit to your love.

With love,

Signed by Katie & Gay Hendricks

Watch Lasting Love Every Day – FREE for 30 Days

Dramatically Change The State Of Your Love In About 4 Minutes A Day!

6 months of Daily Mentoring Videos & 6 months of 90-min Playground Workshops

1st Month FREE, then $29.97 per month
Create Lasting Love Each Day

Luminaries We Call Friends Say…

  • John Gray, Ph.D.

    Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks are masters in the art of intimacy.

  • Deepak Chopra

    The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks show us how to connect with his inner intelligence and discover the secrets to healing, love, intuition and insight.”

  • Geneen Roth

    If you ask me, Gay and Katie are the perfect exemplars for stunningly conscious, incredibly loving, ever evolving and utterly fabulous relationships. When I grow up, I want to be just like them.

  • Pilar Gerasimo

    As an editor, I rely on the Hendricks as expert sources for all kinds of life know-how, from relationships and professional development to mind-body wisdom. As an individual, I consider them my personal role-models for healthy, happy, conscious living and loving. If you're committed to the journey of living your own best, most vibrant life, you simply could not ask for better or more compassionate guides.”

  • Neale Donald Walsch

    “I've known Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks as friends for many years. I am so deeply impressed with the love, wisdom, and clarity that Kathlyn and Gay bring to their work. Their insights on relationships can be life-changing. Our most personal interactions with each other mark the core of our experience as humans. This is where the real growth is, this is where the real opportunity for true soul work begins. Kathlyn and Gay are gifts to the heart and soul, opening both to new and grander experiences.”

Watch Lasting Love Every Day – FREE for 30 Days

Dramatically Change The State Of Your Love In About 4 Minutes A Day!

6 months of Daily Mentoring Videos & 6 months of 90-min Playground Workshops

1st Month FREE, then $29.97 per month
Create Lasting Love Each Day