Here’s The Most Advanced Program Ever Created to Help You Transform ALL Areas of Your Life

35 years ago, I stumbled upon an insight that became an international sensation.

I identified a skill that worked like magic to solve nearly every problem I had.

A skill that unlocked a tremendous amount of power and energy to transform my entire life.

That skill, as you probably already know from reading my newsletters, was learning to love myself.

Because it had such a profound effect on my life, I wrote and published a book in 1982 in an attempt to help as many people as possible radically improve their lives.

When it skyrocketed to, and stayed on, the best-seller list, I realized I’d uncovered a yearning inside most of us.

At this point, it’s been responsible for transforming millions of lives.

The outpouring of gratitude and support I’ve received for that book has been tremendous, but still some people were left with wanting more.

HOW? They asked.

How can I love myself when everything seems to be going wrong in my life?

How can I love myself when every person I love disappoints me or hurts me?

How can I love myself when I don’t look anything like what the world tells me is beautiful?

How can I love myself when my career is stagnant, when my body won’t shrink, when my date leaves me stranded, when I’ve been so awful to my friend, when I’ve hurt someone I love, when I made a fool of myself last night, when I’m not a success…

People now understood how important it is to love themselves, but they need more help to make it happen.

And they want to know how to make it happen quickly and easily.

That’s where this program comes in.

Readers From All Over The World Asked… And We Answered

When Katie and I launched Hearts in Harmony to make our online trainings and advice more accessible to a wider audience, we weren’t surprised when the Learning to Love Yourself Special Bundle quickly took off as our best seller.

After all, it was a best-selling book already.

But what we didn’t expect was the constant emails and Facebook messages we’d receive from our readers asking for more help.

Now that there was no publishing company between us and our audience, we got direct feedback about what people most needed. And it turns out, people needed more advice and guidance in the practice of loving themselves.

They understood the theory from our book and workbook, but they needed more help making it happen.

In addition, we’d learned a lot more about learning to love ourselves in the 35 years since I wrote the original book.

We’d developed more tools and exercises to help people learn how to naturally and easily love themselves.

We’d worked with thousands more people to provide inspiration and learning lessons to guide others in their journey.

And we’d identified the three more common areas where trouble with loving ourselves causes the most pain and destruction, and developed specific techniques to overcome them:

  1. In our relationship with our OWN minds and bodies
  2. In our ability to accept and love all our feelings, even the “bad” ones like anger, fear, and shame
  3. In our relationship with other people, both romantic and otherwise, as we recycle painful patterns and beliefs that prevent us from authentically experiencing true love and acceptance

That’s why, 35 years after my first book on this topic was published, I’m releasing the first-ever advanced program on this topic: to provide all the new tools and insights Katie and I have developed in our practice together, and give the most streamlined, easy to implement, and effective experiential guidance our audience has been begging for.

It’s called the Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program, and it’s perfect for both beginners and more experienced learners who wish to immerse themselves deeper in the material.

Learning To Love Ourselves Is The Single Most Important Skill In Love and Life. Here’s the Fastest Way To Learn How To Do It

No matter how bad you’re feeling now, or what problems are tormenting you today, the process of learning to love yourself becomes a catalyst for change and happiness like nothing else out there, hands down.

I know this to be true, not only from my own transformation, but after personally witnessing it spark tremendous change and instantaneous joy in thousands upon thousands of individuals.

Learning this skill works quickly and reliably on nearly every problem you face… even ones you’ve struggled with your whole life.

But if you don’t learn it, the struggle will go on indefinitely.

You’ll feel as if true happiness is forever out of your reach, because it is – you will never experience the joy, peace, and fulfillment you’re meant to savor on this planet until you learn to truly love yourself.

This Advanced Program Utilizes The Most Up-To-Date Content, Most Effective Exercises, And Most Engaging Stories And Examples

My new Advanced Program is the fastest, most effective way to learn how to love yourself.

You’ll be taken through the most potent experiential exercises to help you love yourself. I’ll guide you through each step and explain how and why it works, and how to use each exercise to maximum effect in your life.

I’ve included personal stories to help clarify the concepts, as well as real-life, specific examples of how the process helped my clients in the past.

And to make this program as easy to use as possible, I also produced a series of video demonstrations with real people experiencing real problems, showing how the process works.

The process contained in this advanced program is the easiest and quickest way I found to learn how to love yourself and change your life.

As you listen to the audio and watch the videos, you’ll have the same Ah-Ha moment I had so many years ago. You’ll finally get it. You’ll understand, once and for all, what’s been holding you back from fully enjoying and loving your entire life.

You’ll have a new set of proven tools to help you learn how to do it, no matter what your problem is. In fact, after doing the exercises, you’ll be amazed at how fast the internal tension melts. You’ll feel a weight lifting off your shoulders.

All those tiresome negative thoughts will disappear.

You’ll feel more grounded and confident.

The anger, sadness, and anxiety you’ve felt for years will begin to subside, much to your delight.

Your relationships will become less contentious and more joyous. No more people-pleasing or co-dependent patterns.

You’ll attract lovers and friends who treat you with kindness and respect, and you’ll feel magnanimous in return.

You’ll eat healthier and take care of yourself because you want to, without fighting temptation or feeling like a failure every day.

You’ll stop obsessing and agonizing over problems that have been hounding you for years, because you’ll finally know what you need to do and you’ll have the courage to do it.

You’ll stop hiding behind the smaller version of yourself that feels “safe” and instead let your true self shine, unapologetically.

These are just a few of the positive benefits that come from truly loving yourself, your emotions, and your body.

And this advanced program will show you exactly how.

How Do I Know If This Program Is Right For Me?

I created the Advanced Program at the request of the thousands of customers who have already bought my Learning to Love Yourself Special Bundle. It’s absolutely the best resource in existence to continue your education in loving yourself, but it’s also a great place to start if a more experiential, hands-on approach is your preferred method of learning.

The Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle is a great foundation, and this Advanced Program helps you with mastery:

  • Expanded Content: I’ve been teaching these principles since 1982, and each year I learn more about the inner workings of self love. This program is the most robust, up-to-date resource on this topic.
  • Experiential Learning: I’ll guide you through the exercises, and I have structured the program like building blocks, to help further progress the impact of the learning on your life.
  • Robust How-Tos: The Advanced Program was designed to help you make the process of learning to love yourself a daily reality in your life. It focuses on how to do it, with lots of specific examples and demonstrations.
  • Focused Application: In applying the lens of self-love to our relationship with our loved ones, our bodies, and our past, I get more specific on why the lack of self-love impacts these core areas, and provide targeted exercises to help where you need it most.

Here Is Just a Fraction of What You’ll Learn:

  • The ultimate move to deal with negative feelings so they don’t recycle.
  • The 4 wrong ideas that lower self-esteem and how shifting your viewpoint using this proven technique can help you feel better about yourself in a matter of minutes.
  • Are you tired of complaining about the same things to yourself? An experiential exercise (that is the opposite of what you’ve likely been doing your entire life) that will help you finally transform those persistent problems and negative thoughts into creative solutions.
  • How you can free yourself from chronic worry, stress, and despair the moment you do THIS one thing.
  • Are you addicted to social media or TV? The connection between everyday distractions and your ability to love and accept yourself.
  • Are you overweight because you overeat? Learn how to naturally lose weight without counting calories or exercising through a simple but powerful process I myself used to shed over 100 pounds.
  • A breathing technique that will allow you to feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally and release pent up stress and tension.
  • How one hour a day of this enjoyable activity can help heal the “wounded child” within and bring you greater creativity and relationship harmony.
  • An experiential activity that will help you overcome co-dependence, in other words, being over-involved in another person’s life to your personal detriment.
  • Should you work on yourself before pursuing a love relationship? How and why we can fast-track our desire to be centered and more whole without having to postpone companionship and love.

Try The Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program – Risk-Free

Quickly And Effectively Transform Your Entire Life
  • 3+ hours of transformative audio
  • 60+ minutes of instructional video
  • Live Q&A call answering top reader questions

Amazing value: just $199.97 or 4 payments of $49.99


The Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program Includes:

  • A new, 3+ hour audio recording explaining the transformative process of how to love yourself. This audio program contains the most advanced concepts on how to love yourself, and is rich with stories, examples, and step-by-step experiential exercises that will help you feel freer, happier, and lighter in mere minutes. You’ll hear my voice revealing the secrets behind what it takes to finally let go of recurring negative thoughts and emotions or solve just about any personal problem. You’ll hear me guiding you through introspective exercises and meditations. You can listen to this audio as often as you like in order to master the teachings and practice the process to help you regain self-regard and peace of mind anytime.
  • Brand NEW, recently recorded video demonstration of the exclusive Learning to Love Yourself advanced concepts and experiential process. Watch as Gay works with two volunteers to demonstrate how to get to the bodily vibrations underneath worry, fear and sadness in order to love and accept ourselves fully. In addition, you’ll learn why our bodies and minds resist being at ease and what to do to counter that instantly.
  • A recording of an interactive Q&A session with Gay and Katie Hendricks. Listen as callers ask questions about the process of loving yourself. Gay and Katie will also answer the top 10 questions they’ve received over the last 40 years on the pitfalls, the misconceptions, and the benefits of loving yourself.

The Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program can help you master the transformational process that will allow you greater wellbeing and peace of mind, whether you’ve never done anything like this before or already own the Learning to Love Yourself Special Bundle.

It will help you identify the most common barriers to loving yourself and overcome them once and for all.

Audio Session 1: Lay The Foundation For True Harmony

Audio Session 1: Lay The Foundation For True Harmony

  • The day Gay discovered the process of loving yourself and how that changed his life from that very moment.
  • The 3 ways you’re trying to “fix” your problems that are actually perpetuating your problems.
  • How to integrate your mind and body so your commitment to loving yourself will stick.
  • How to identify and dissolve your specific resistance to loving yourself
  • An experiential exercise to help you alleviate feelings of anger and sadness that recycle year after year.
Audio Session 2: Learning to Love Your Feelings

Audio Session 2: Learning to Love Your Feelings

  • The steps you need to take in order to have a genuine sense of self-esteem.
  • How to avoid the typical reaction of “What’s wrong with me?” when you encounter a setback in life and the question to ask yourself instead that will transform your life.
  • The early warning signals in your body that predict distress, and what to do when these signals arise in order to reduce stress and encourage relaxation.
  • The 5 “ultimate moves” that will help you turn low self-esteem and fear into relaxed confidence.
Audio Session 3: Learning to Love Your Body

Audio Session 3: Learning to Love Your Body

  • An exploration of the issues that may have caused you to not love your body, so you can begin to shift your attitude toward your body and therefore, heal the physical symptoms that have been problematic.
  • The possible psychological cause of headaches, tight muscles, aches and pains, and what you can do today to start feeling better in your body.
  • What you must do if you’ve had trauma in your past surrounding your body in order to come into a place of loving acceptance of yourself.
  • The 3 physical symptoms of not loving your body, and how recognizing these can be the first powerful step toward greater well-being.
  • A breathing exercise that will counteract the physical effects of stress on your body.
  • How to recognize true hunger from a psychological hunger, so you can stop binging or snacking on food that’s not good for you.
Audio Session 4: Learning to Love Yourself in Relationships

Audio Session 4: Learning to Love Yourself in Relationships

  • How to use relationship as an opportunity to recognize and heal the parts of yourself you don’t love.
  • The surprising truth behind why you stay in conflict with certain “annoying” people in your life, or keep having the same arguments over and over with your partner, boss, or child (and how to dissolve that aggravation once and for all).
  • Do you often push people away, look for faults, or lose interest as soon as things get too “heavy”? The breakthrough moment of clarity that can allow you to feel close and free to be yourself at the same time, so you can enjoy the full, deep, rich experience of loving another person without feeling smothered.
  • What makes a relationship “co-dependent” and an exercise to release yourself from this unhealthy dynamic.

Video Training and Demonstrations:

  • How human evolution has influenced how our bodies and minds respond to our physical environment, and how knowing this can put you more at ease when you’re worrying about something.
  • The one feeling that can transcend both space and time and allow us to be more in harmony with our minds and bodies.
  • Practical tools for quieting the mind and being more “in the moment” instead of obsessing about the past or future.
  • A real-time demonstration by Gay of how to ease into loving yourself, your feelings and your body.

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Lasting Love Every Day 1-Month Free Coaching

With your Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to experience our powerful Lasting Love Every Day video mentoring series. These daily "mini lessons" help couples recommit to more love, better communication and positive feelings in less than 5 minutes a day—and they’re FUN!

You can try the first month completely free. After that, you’ll be billed only $29.97 per month. That’s less than 1 dollar a day!

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Our Risk-Free Promise

Try The Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program – Risk-Free

Quickly And Effectively Transform Your Entire Life
  • 3+ hours of transformative audio
  • 60+ minutes of instructional video
  • Live Q&A call answering top reader questions

Amazing value: just $199.97 or 4 payments of $49.99


Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program is Just a Few Clicks Away

Learning to love yourself is the most important skill you can learn and this program is the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and quickest way of mastering that skill.

I’m so convinced that you’ll love this program and get great results I’m making sure you have absolutely no reason not to try this life-changing advanced program. That’s why I’m offering it to you completely RISK-FREE. Listen to my audio, do the exercises, watch the demonstration videos over the next week, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return them all for a full refund… no questions asked.

The Quickest Path to Transformation Lies Within You

Learning to love yourself unconditionally will bring more clarity and harmony to your state of mind, your relationships, and to your health than anything else you can do today.

When I learned how to truly love myself, my entire experience of life changed.

I became a successful and highly regarded therapist, author, and speaker. When I stopped thinking I couldn’t possibly deserve the life I wanted and instead stepped into my authenticity as a psychotherapist and a writer, my career took off like a rocket!

I met and married the love of my life, Katie. Our relationship continues to astound and delight me every day, and I couldn’t have fallen in love with her if I hadn’t been able to love myself first.

I quit smoking and lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off most of my adult life. I am convinced that if I hadn’t learned how to love myself when I was young, I would probably be dead before middle age, just like my father.

Learning to love yourself deeply and unconditionally is one of the great accomplishments of conscious living and also one of its greatest challenges. It’s a challenge because most of us are taught all the wrong things about what it means to love yourself. We overanalyze, over intellectualize, or downright deny who we really are and what we really feel. We think we’re playing it safe, but really what we’re doing is denying ourselves and our creativity.

But just because it’s a challenge doesn’t mean it’s difficult. Actually, as you will see, loving yourself is the most natural and easiest thing you can do… for the greatest reward.

What you’ll learn in this program will surprise you and delight you. You will recognize it as a turning point in your life.

I know that the insights and tools in this advanced program will be as useful and life changing for you as they have been for me and for thousands and thousands of people all over the world. I sincerely hope that you accept this challenge.

With love,

Signed by Gay Hendricks

Try The Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program – Risk-Free

Quickly And Effectively Transform Your Entire Life
  • 3+ hours of transformative audio
  • 60+ minutes of instructional video
  • Live Q&A call answering top reader questions

Amazing value: just $199.97 or 4 payments of $49.99