Gay & Katie Hendricks Present A One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity…

What If You Could Change The Trajectory Of Your ENTIRE Life In Just 90 Minutes A Month?

Join Us – Gay and Katie Hendricks – LIVE Each Month Where We’ll Guide You On How To Make BIG, Heart-Aligned Shifts In Life & Love

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  • Connecting with us personally each month to radically improve your relationships, reach your highest potential and challenge yourself to grow like never before (all while having the time of your life!)
  • Gaining the momentum you need right now to create some BIG magic in your life (while having us as your personal co-creators and guides)
  • Creating (or re-igniting) the most heart-racing yet harmonious relationship of your life because you’ve let go of your fears and limiting beliefs around love
  • Bursting with an abundance of love as you move through every area of your life because you’re fully open to giving and receiving love
  • Expanding to the fullest, most alive version of yourself that’s inspired by curiosity and growth, rather than fear
  • Living in perfect alignment with your mind, body and spirit because you know how to tune into your body's innate intelligence and sift through all the mental chatter
  • Transforming all your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) to become more loving, more honest and more intimate.
  • Finding clarity on what your Zone Of Genius is, and how you can structure your life so you spend more time doing what you were born to do
  • Learning embodiment and movement practices that get you out of your head and into your body (P.S. It’s begging for you to listen up)
  • Being part of a growth—orientated community that's fun, creative, inspiring and challenges you to evolve and honor your highest truth
  • Taking that empty space inside of you that is always seeking more, needing approval, is afraid of losing what you have… and filling it with abundant, joyous, peaceful contentment and self-love.

… all the while reaching your highest potential and having the time of your life?

“We Do Not Know The Entire Meaning Of Life. But We’re Very Sure It Is Not To Have A Bad Time!”

Hi there, it’s Gay and Katie here!

We see you.

And we know that while you’re on this planet, your heart yearns to experience the most loving, harmonious and enlivening relationship possible.

One that doesn’t get dull or predictable (or that speeds up your graying process!)… but rather one that enriches your life and keeps your heart racing year over year.

We also know that you have so much magic and power within you (yes, you)… and that you were born to live a life of greatness.

But we also know that your experience in love and life up until this point probably hasn’t set you up for these things.

This is where we can help.

You see, for almost 40 years, we have loved, lived, and learned together.

We have written over 40 books, been on Oprah and coached thousands of people (including some of the most successful people on the planet) on the art of conscious living and relationships.

What’s more, we’ve personally tested everything we teach — in business and in between the sheets — to come up with the most effective blueprint for living, loving and creating a BIG life.

This blueprint is the magic that infuses our relationship, business and life — and is what guides our every decision.

And now we’d like to share it with YOU.

Get ready, as you’re about to experience a whole new way of relating and creating a conscious life!

Life is serious enough as it is — the gateway to change shouldn’t be. Instead, it should evoke a sense of wonder, creativity, fun and a little spontaneous magic.

Welcome To Gay And Katie’s Playground!

You’re invited to join us once a month where we’ll share our most powerful teachings and insights to help you achieve your version of personal greatness.

During these LIVE calls, we’ll guide you on how to give and receive even more love in EVERY area of your life.


— living in a more conscious way, to

— creating the love story of your dreams, to

— discovering your purpose (aka, your Zone Of Genius)

…we’ll show you how to inject more LOVE, JOY and ALIVENESS into every area of your life.

We’ll also teach you our powerful mind—spirit—body approach so that each and every decision you make in life is aligned with your greatest purpose and highest truth.

Because when you live this way — like we have for nearly 40 years — you become unstoppable.

  • You see possibilities… instead of problems
  • Your relationships become a source of deep nourishment… rather than stress
  • You feel energized and more alive than ever before… because you’re living in complete harmony with every cell of your being
  • You are a wellspring of creativity, living at your highest potential… and serving as a beacon for others in their lives and relationships
  • You embody true self love…and are no longer a slave to limiting beliefs and fears

PLUS, to help speed up your personal evolution…

During each call, a few lucky participants will be invited into the “Love Seat” and coached directly by us!

This is a phenomenal opportunity to be coached from a mind, body and spirit perspective.

Not only will we tune into your words, we’ll also be paying close attention to your body language, your facial expressions and heart’s truth.

(yes, we can do all of this — and much more — over Zoom!)

The Love Seat will be a very unique opportunity to experience an emotional, mental and physical transformation that’ll radically change your life in as little as 10 minutes.

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Introducing A BRAND-NEW Approach To Personal Transformation!

We don’t believe that personal growth “work” should feel like hard work.

We believe it should be fun, ignite your curiosity and leave you feeling like anything is possible… rather than defeated or intimidated by the journey ahead.

Yes, it should push you. Yes, you should grow.

But you should enjoy the process.

We want to help you to feel better about yourself and be more inspired than ever before to create the life of your dreams.

This is why we see these calls like a “playground.”

When you go to a playground — you expand your capabilities.

You push yourself to tackle unfamiliar things.

You soar to new heights, run and play with other like-minded growers, and you feel the freedom of your mind, body and spirit.

At playgrounds, there are monkey bars and balance beams (not always the easiest to tackle!). But there are also slides and swings and a lot of laughter.

At playgrounds, you grow stronger, more nimble and resilient…

But you do it in the spirit of play. And you want to come back again and again.

That’s what this monthly adventure will be like.

We will play together.

Laugh abundantly.

And stretch and grow and change and enliven our very souls!

And just like at most playgrounds… you’ll be encouraged to play, to use your body and to challenge yourself while you grow alongside others

So be prepared: these monthly calls will get you moving!

You won’t just be sitting in your seat listening to us talk (this isn’t a lecture or a “lesson”) — this will be:

A full-body immersive experience that includes:

  • embodiment practices,
  • exercises, and
  • movement

…to ignite and integrate the mind-spirit-body connection so you can create lasting change in life and love.

We’ll be playing, and growing… together.

You’ll be with your friends — us! — and feel more inspired than ever before to meet your goals because you’ll be supported by the other members (and also witness their powerful transformations).

You’ll fully integrate everything you learn, and have so much fun while doing it.

Deepak Chopra

“The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks show us how to connect with this inner intelligence and discover the secrets to healing, love, intuition and insight.”

Come And Play With Us!

What else makes these calls so special?

Well, we should probably mention that this is the ONLY place you can see us partner up and do something like this.

Yes, we’ve written many, many books together — but usually our coaching careers are very separate from one another.

Katie leads intensive live trainings with groups around the world (and now on Zoom!) while Gay tends to work one with select clientele (when not writing another book, that is!).

But we felt called to create something like this…

The last few years have been incredibly difficult for most people — so we wanted to share the “blueprint” we’ve used for DECADES to create endless love, joy and possibilities in our lives.

And since not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to go to trainings or hire us privately…

We came up with a way to help as many people as possible, giving them unprecedented access to us, together, for a very small price.

What’s more, you’ll be supported by other members of the Playground and have a chance to connect and grow with them in between calls on our special members-only community board.

We wanted to create a place where you can come “home” each month — and a place where you can become what you always hoped you might be.

Here’s How The Playground Works

  • Join us on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5.30pm PT
  • Calls will take place on Zoom and last between 90 mins — 2 hours depending on the spontaneous nature of what evolves during the discussion. Your welcome email will contain your personal Zoom link
  • In order to make these calls as interactive, dynamic and relevant as possible — there won’t be a fixed agenda. Instead, the content will be co-created by you, the other members, and by us based on topics we're thinking about or timely issues impacting the world. (We’ve found that real-life magic works best this way!)

With that being said, there are 3 ways YOU can shape the calls:

1. When you first sign up, you’ll be invited to fill in a survey where you can share with us directly what you’d like to learn

2. As a member, you’ll also get access to an exclusive members-only community board where you can suggest future topics (we’ll review these)

3. And in order for spontaneous magic to take place — the content will be shaped by the insights, questions and real-time issues that evolve during the calls

  • The members-only community board is a way for you to ask questions, discuss your learnings and connect with like-minded members going through the same transformative process as you
  • Plus, Katie will check in on the community board from time to time to answer your questions and direct you to valuable resources — this is a very rare opportunity to get direct access to Katie
  • Even More Exciting: on each call, a few lucky participants will be invited to go in the “Love Seat” and be coached directly by both of us! You’ll be amazed at the laser-like focus we can bring to a problem — and how fast we can offer a solution!
  • And given how dynamic these calls will be, you’ll also receive a recording of each call so you can continue to unpack its wisdom at your own convenience (this is particularly valuable if you’ve sat in the Love Seat)

Just a reminder: this is the ONLY place you can see us do live coaching like this!

Here's A Quick Breakdown of The Types of Topics We'll Be Talking About:

  • How to create and maintain a thriving relationship that feels deeply connected and loving (given that we’ve been together for over 40 years and written many books on relationships, you’ll be hard pressed to find better experts when it comes to creating successful and conscious relationships!)
  • How to experience harmony and ease in all of your relationships — and have the tools to continuously renew your relationship so it never feels predictable or boring
  • How to feel totally loveable for who you are right now — flaws, wrinkles and all — rather than always feeling like you need to be “fixed” in order to be loved
  • How to reconnect with your inner child who loves to play and be inspired by curiosity, rather than fear
  • How to attract genuine love and banish beliefs, habits and painful emotional patterns that have been preventing you from finding a wildly passionate and committed relationship
  • How to live in your Zone Of Genius and end negative thought patterns while connecting with your creativity
  • How to make better decisions that are a full body “yes!” and in alignment with your highest self
  • How to connect with your body’s innate intelligence using different embodiment and movement practices
  • How to take “The Big Leap” and smash through your hidden fears and take every area of your life to the next level
  • How to honor yourself and stop self-abandonment as you’re taking your needs, wants and boundaries into consideration
  • How to create a conscious life that feels purposeful, exciting and authentic
  • PLUS… you’ll discover that personal growth doesn’t have to be so serious all the time! That you can have fun — even while navigating the heavy stuff

… and so much more given that we have written over 40 books on conscious living, relationships, reaching your highest potential and creating a life that you love.

And For An Added Boost of Magic, You’ll Also Get These Wonderful Bonuses:

Right after your first call you'll receive this Conscious Living Bonus Bundle — absolutely FREE! It's packed with helpful tools and exercises to continue learning, growing and experiencing the most ALIVE version of yourself until we meet again!

Bonus 1

Bonus #1

The Sex, Money and Spirit Audio By Katie Hendricks

Want to feel sexier, more creative, more alive and be a money magnet? In this audio, you discover why the secret to more wealth, sex and deeper connection to self comes from the same “nozzle.” And how to turn on this “nozzle” so your life floods with more love, abundance and unbound joy (in other words, all the good stuff!).

Bonus 2

Bonus #2

The Harmonizer

One of the most powerful tools we’ve used in our marriage to increase closeness, harmony and creativity is meditation. So we created the Harmonizer to show you how easy and powerful meditation can be. In this 15-minute soundtrack, the special tones and frequencies will help put you into a meditative state and give you access to a deeper feeling of peace and connection to self.

Bonus 3

Bonus #3

Liberating Your Full Orgasm Reflex By Gay Hendricks

In this 1-hour video, Gay will walk you through different breathing exercises to help you achieve orgasm. And the best part? You don’t need a partner — this intimate practice is just for you to connect with your body and sensuality. So no expectations and no pressure — just you, your breath and maybe an orgasmic release. (This is an oldie but a goodie, and you can’t find it anywhere else!)

Here's What People Say About Gay And Katie’s Work

  • Neale Donald Walsch

    “I’ve known Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks as friends for many years. I am so deeply impressed with the love, wisdom, and clarity that Kathlyn and Gay bring to their work. Their insights on relationships can be life-changing.”

  • Geneen Roth

    If you ask me, Gay and Katie are the perfect exemplars for stunningly conscious, incredibly loving, ever evolving and utterly fabulous relationships. When I grow up, I want to be just like them.”

  • Stephan Bodian

    “Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks teach an integrated approach to living our spirituality in every moment of our lives – in our relationships, our work, our creativity, our play.”

A Life-Changing Experience for Less Than
Your Morning Coffee

We usually charge thousands for our trainings and 1:1 coaching.

But we’re not going to charge anything even remotely close to that.

We want to make this affordable for you… because:

A) We get a real kick out of sharing our life’s work through play — and feel that the world needs this now more than ever.

B) We want to make our teachings accessible to more people (not just the mega wealthy or famous). Our teachings are all about heart — and we want to connect with yours rather than cripple your bank balance.

Try Out Gay And Katie’s Playground For 50% Off!

That’s right, for the first month, we want to give you a chance to try this experience out for 50% off — an incredible value at such a low price!

You’ll be so inspired by (what we like to call) the spontaneous magic created when we explore these topics together that you'll want to run out to create big shifts in your own life (yes, even after the first call!).

This is a very rare and special opportunity to learn from us for an absolute fraction of what you’d usually pay to have personal access to us once a month.

We are offering this incredibly low price to encourage as many people as possible to join our playground.

We want this to help transform lives — as many as possible!

We are confident once a person visits our playground, they’ll never want to leave.

So we made you an offer you can’t refuse. (At least, we hope not!)

The Ultimate Self-Care Practice

Feel More Grounded, At Peace And Fulfilled… Living In Alignment With Your Heart, Mind And Body

On the fence about adding yet another membership or monthly cost to your credit card?

We get it — there are so many coaching programs and “buy-this-now-or your-life-will-never-get-better” courses out there.

So it can be hard to discern between what sounds good… and what actually will give you a blow-your-mind kind of transformation.

So we’re not going to go on about how ours is the best ever and all the things you’ve heard before.

But what we will say is this is a tremendous amount of value you’re getting for a very low amount each month.

Not only is it incredibly rare for us to team up to do live coaching like this — but as mentioned before, we usually charge thousands for our time.

Plus, when compared with what you might spend a month on other forms of self-care — such as massages to relieve stress — this investment is not only cheaper, but it’s far more transformative than lying on a table while listening to ocean sounds playing for an hour!


  • Making this the BEST year of your life because you’ve finally smashed through lifelong emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you perpetually stuck
  • Having fun while evolving to the highest version of yourself (yep, that’s the version of you that you’ve caught fleeting glimpses of during meditation or while in nature)
  • Feeling more grounded, at peace and fulfilled because you’re living in alignment with your heart, mind and body
  • Being part of an inspiring community of like-minded people that hold you accountable and share the same vision for personal greatness as you
  • Connecting with us on a MONTHLY basis and learning our most powerful practices as we uplift and inspire you towards reaching the next level in ALL areas of your life

Questions About Joining Gay & Katie’s Playground

Q. Why Are You Offering So Much Value, For So Little $$$?

Like everything we create, the idea to create these calls came from our heart. We want to make our teachings accessible to whoever needs them — not just our usual clientele of celebrities, CEOs and the mega wealthy.

Q. How Many Months is This Program For?

This isn’t another coaching program that includes just a few calls. Nope — this is an ongoing, interactive experience that will be co-created by you, the other members and yours truly! You’re welcome to join for as long as you like. But you can cancel anytime if it no longer feels like a fit for you.

(P.S. Our secret wish is that these calls are so transformative that eventually you do graduate to an extraordinary new stage in life and no longer need them)

Q. How Does the Love Seat Work?

Each call, a few individuals will be invited onto the Love Seat for live coaching with us! To ensure everyone gets as much value as possible, these individual sessions will be for about 10 minutes… and might just change the trajectory of your entire life.

Q. Can I Cancel My Membership?

Absolutely. You can cancel anytime. No questions asked. No reason needed.

You Are Inventing Your Future Right Now. Let Us Help.

If you close your eyes right now, and allow your mind to envision your "dream life" —— what does that look like?

Do you feel yourself receiving more love and acceptance from your partner?

Are you experiencing more happiness, more joy and boundless play everyday?

Are you more successful, accomplishing your goals like never before, and feeling confident and passionate in your career?

Are you in a relationship that is deeply nourishing and abound with possibilities?

ALL OF IT is possible, because there are absolutely no limits to what your life can become.

You have the power to create your dream life and relationship through tiny moments of conscious choice.

As part of Gay and Katie's playground we'll be right there with you —— teaching proven skills and exercises (backed by scientific research) that will bring more love, happiness, success (and fun!) into your life.

It's hard to believe just 90 minutes a month can have such an impact — but by coming to the calls, participating in the spontaneous magic happening around you, and engaging with the community boards throughout the month, you will have the inspiration and focus you need to make this dream a reality.

Why not take a conscious stand for JOY in your life and relationships?

Together, we can make it happen.

We look forward to “playing” with you!

With love,

Signed by Katie & Gay Hendricks